The Algarve is naturally big.
Or rather big, naturally. This territory of nearly five thousand square kilometres goes far beyond the sands that concentrate the attention of tourists in the summer. From the Barlavento to the Sotavento, there are hidden protected natural areas or that haven’t had the attention they deserve.


They all wait patiently in the wild, for the looks and the passing
by of true Nature lovers. If you are one of them, I wam you that here, in these pages, the journey begins, through the cliffs, the forest, the riparian corridors and estuarine systems of the Algarve. In fact, we have so many landscapes and with such great biological importance that choosing just one would be a Herculean task And if there is no possible selection among the various natural environments in the Algarve, the only solution is to discover them all. Slowly and with heightened senses.

  • Source: Portugal Algarve Tourism