The Demarcated Region of the Algarve was created in 1980 and is located in the southern most part of Portugal, coinciding geographically with the district of Faro. This entire region corresponds to the wine-growing area where “Algarve Regional Wine” and Liqueur Wine with the “Algarve” Geographical Indication are produced. Along the Atlantic coastline, we find the four regions which produce wines classified as “Protected Designation of Origin”, or “DOP” in Portuguese: DOP Lagos, DOP Lagoa, DOP Portimão and DOP Tavira.

The Algarve Wine-growing Commission (CVA), as the certifying body accredited by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute (IPAC), is responsible for monitoring and certifying the wines produced in the region, ensuring the quality of the wines being sold on the market and guaranteeing their authenticity and traceability. The commission is also responsible for protecting and promoting its designations.

  • Source: Portugal Algarve Tourism