Some of the best and most beautiful beaches in the entire world are to be found in the Algarve.

Hardly surprising then that the region is a favourite for sun-seekers from all over.

They come in search of the natural heritage that is now managed in a sustainable fashion, in order to provide quality recreational facilities able to meet all kinds of requirements.

There are beaches to suit every taste with the majority having gained due recognition in the form of the EU “Blue Flag” for quality standards.

Along its 200-kilometre coastline, the Algarve features all types of coves, cliffs and caves, its rocky beaches contrasting with broad expanses of sand.

Different types of beach, but all bathed in the calm, warm seawaters of this coastline.

Equally attractive is the Algarve’s mild climate all year round.

From Odeceixe all the way to Vila Real de Santo António, the entire coast enjoys a Mediterranean-style microclimate with temperatures that vary from 15º C in winter through to 30º C in summer.

The beaches of the Algarve thus represent the ideal choice for some truly invigorating holidays!


  • Source: Portugal Algarve Tourism

1. Falesia Beach - Vilamoura / Albufeira

2. Ponta da Piedade, Camilo and Dona Ana beach - Lagos

3. Marinha beach - Lagoa

4. Desert Island - Faro

5. Green Beach - Castro Marim