Find any destination where the weather is year round delightful, the scenery eye catchingly handsome, the atmosphere laid back and easy going, and the likelihood is there will be golf nearby. Portugal’s Algarve region is such a place and it’s a golfer’s heaven with a collection of some of the finest layouts to be found in all of Europe.

Enjoying one of the most attractive shorelines to be found anywhere in Europe, The Algarve is 150 miles of small coves, bays and inlets, all with pristine, golden sand beaches, constantly washed by the surf of a crystal clear Atlantic Ocean. The setting is idyllic and the more than 40 quality golf courses that call The Algarve home, fit perfectly into the picture.

Come to Portugal’s Algarve Coast on a golf trip and you’ll find the world-class golf courses you had been promised, and they are here in profusion. Varying in quality between very good and superb, the choice to be made is just how many courses can be squeezed into a week or so of vacation time?

  • Source: Portugal Algarve Tourism