The Algarve is located in the South of Portugal, divided into three regions: serra (mountain), barrocal and coastline. It’s fantastic and well known coast, is that which annually attracts thousands of national and foreigners tourists looking for holidays in sun and sea.

However, there is an unknown Algarve, most genuine and still with plenty to unravel. This Algarve it is in the inland, away from the bustle of the beaches, where life moves to a different rhythm. Where the locals, mostly older, with wrinkles of wisdom on his face, always have a smile and a conversation to who goes there.

Here we can find hills and villages we thought no longer existed. An Algarve severely affected by depopulation, but that brand anyone who dares to meet him and promises to leave unforgettable memories.

The typical cuisine will not leave your stomach indifferent! You will also find some of the most typical handicrafts from Algarve culture.

Take a break, take a deep breath and go to the Adventure of discovery of the territory Via Algarviana!